A university dropout who was $20,000 in debt before becoming a millionaire at the age of 26 has shared what he learned from billionaire Sir .

entrepreneur and investor Jack Delosa has a come a long way since ditching his commerce law degree at 18 to ­start a business-to-business call centre, his first and only failed venture.

But despite the early hurdle, sportsbook software within nine years he had set up two multi-million dollar businesses, and written a bestselling book.

Once dubbed as ‘The Young Aussie Millionaire That Didn’t Finish Uni’ the five-time AFR Young Rich Lister, now 35, runs coaching giant The Entourage, is writing his third book, and has just bought an island in the Whitsundays.

Mr Delosa spoke to Daily Mail Australia after spending the previous week on Branson’s private island in the Caribbean, hanging out with the British business  magnate and other high-flying entrepreneurs.

In between buggy and bike rides, poolside drinks, tennis and swimming on Necker Island, Mr Delosa said the group shared tips and discussed making the world a better place before Branson gave him some memorable advice over breakfast.

Jack Delosa (second right) has spent the last week on Sir Richard Branson's Necker Island

Jack Delosa (second right) has spent the last week on Sir Richard Branson’s Necker Island

The Entourage founder Jack Delosa (pictured) has made AFR's Young Rich List five times

The Entourage founder Jack Delosa (pictured) has made AFR’s Young Rich List five times

Branson told Mr Delosa the story of how he scored a $6million discount on planes in the early days of forming Virgin Atlantic after making a bet.

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