now on just one station a former corrections officer claims she was beaten and bruised by her boss she also says she quit her job moments before that alarming attack 7’s marathon burgos has the exclusive and right here is swollen pamela winstanley points out the scrapes on her hands you can still see a little blood on it her scalp still feels sore she says her cuts and bruises are from a fight with her old boss according to pamela she says that now former supervisor punched her and pulled out two dreadlocks no he was not justified at all the triple started monday night when she started her shift as a corrections officer here with the miami-dade regional juvenile detention center she says she caught one of the kids with contraband he showed me a vape pit then on tuesday morning pamela says one of her supervisors instructed her not to have any contact with the kids she works with he said well i have statements from a few youth i think he said five that said that you were the one that gave the evlla vape supplies pen to the kid and i said well why would i give the vape pen to the kid and report it how does that make sense according to pamela the conversation got heated and she says her boss gave her two options resign or agree to an internal investigation so i tossed up my badge and i said i quit pamela admits her actions weren’t appropriate when she stormed out of the lobby and knocked over furniture i pushed it over because i was upset and i was walking then i realized i forgot my bags were in the back so i turned around and popped and that’s when she says that supervisor hit her in the face i fell to the floor i tried to punch him i believe i did connect and then he started to grab me by my hair he removed two of my dreadlocks from the scout he was dragging me across the floor pamela recorded this video after she was released from the hospital 7 news was there when she left the state attorney’s office after she filed a complaint the florida department of juvenile justice confirms there was an incident between two staff members and both of them do not work here anymore they added the department has zero tolerance for any conduct or behavior that fails to ensure exceptional care and positive role modeling for the youth that we serve honestly you guys lost a good worker i i was actually one of the ones that did care about the kids maricela burgos 7 news miami-dade detectives confirmed there was an argument between the two employees they’re also investigating accusations of the physical fight

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