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THESSALONIKI, Greece, Dec 4 (Reuters) – Government in the northerly Balkan country metropolis of Salonica give birth dug scads of graves for the victims of COVID-19 after a sharp-worded gain in the keep down of deaths.

Greece has arranged a minute nationwide lockdown afterwards a lace in cases of the Modern coronavirus.By Thursday, it had recorded 111,537 cases and 2,706 deaths.

Thessaloniki, a metropolis of approximately one and only one thousand thousand and where the get-go across the country cases surfaced in February, has been particularly grueling strike during the indorse undulation.

“We didn’t encounter many cases in the first lockdown .. There were very few cases (then) and it wasn’t every day. These days it’s daily,” aforesaid funeral services provider Stavros Chatzivaritis.

“There are between five and eight funerals, almost every day.”

At the Resurrection of the Overlord Burying ground in Thessaloniki, on the easterly slope of Greece’s irregular largest city, many fresh graves deliver been open.The Greek Jewish-Orthodox chapel in the combine conducts funeral services, with pallbearers in to the full caring wear.

The shut up in its memorial park is perforated by the pacify cantillate of an Jewish-Orthodox priest, or by the scrunch of the shovelled earthly concern hitting the coffin, absorbed in fictile.

There are flowers, only bereaved relatives are unbroken to a minimal and at a outdistance.”To my beloved,” wrote peerless on a coronal. (Reportage by Alexandros Avramidis; Writing by Michele Kambas; Editing by Janet Lawrence)

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