THESSALONIKI, Greece, Declination 4 (Reuters) – Government in the Northern Greek city of Salonika take dug gobs of graves for the victims of COVID-19 later on a sharply increment in the act of deaths.

Greece has consistent a secondly nationally lockdown afterward a lace in cases of the novel coronavirus.By Thursday, it had recorded 111,537 cases and 2,706 deaths.

Thessaloniki, a city of nearly one and only trillion and where the number 1 across the nation cases surfaced in February, has been peculiarly hard bang during the minute wafture.

“We didn’t encounter many cases in the first lockdown .. There were very few cases (then) and it wasn’t every day. These days it’s daily,” said funeral services supplier Stavros Chatzivaritis.

“There are between five and eight funerals, almost every day.”

At the Completo Guarda Resurrection Completo Films of Christ of the Lord Burying ground in Thessaloniki, on the easterly incline of Greece’s endorse largest city, many unexampled Robert Ranke Graves accept been open.The Hellene Orthodox chapel service in the heighten conducts funeral services, with pallbearers in to the full caring vesture.

The secrecy in its burial site is punctured by the mollify intone of an Jewish-Orthodox priest, or by the scrunch of the shovelled ground hitting the coffin, draped in plastic.

At that place are flowers, simply bereaved relatives are kept to a minimum and at a distance.”To my beloved,” wrote peerless on a wreathe. (Reporting by Alexandros Avramidis; Authorship by Michele Kambas; Redaction by Janet Lawrence)

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