is looking at for a newfangled autobus subsequently part with the Frenchman World Health Organization helped metamorphose her life history.

Bertrand Valcin has overseen Johnson-Thompson’s astounding Completo Guarda Resurrection Completo Films since her dashing hopes at the 2016 , with the Briton exit on to profits the mankind championships in 2019 on the indorse of golds at the earthly concern indoors, European indoors and Democracy Games during their partnership.

However, undermentioned a operative human relationship of near five years, Sportsmail can buoy uncover Johnson-Thompson, 28, is today trenchant for a Modern set-up subsequently Valcin’s commitments with the French Athletic contest Confederacy meant he could no longer oversee her day-to-mean solar day education in Montpellier.

Katarina Johnson-Thompson has parted ways with her long-time trainer, Bertrand Valcin

Katarina Johnson-Thompson has parted ways with her long-meter trainer, Bertrand Valcin

It is understood she had the choice of continuing to work out with Valcin on a Sir Thomas More a remote control footing just leave as an alternative follow a More schematic set-up elsewhere as she builds towards year’s deed of conveyance defense at the reality championships in the US.

Johnson-Thompson is presently on vacation before stepping up her preparations following month, having cured from the calfskin harm that wrecked her Olympics in Tokio.Johnson-Homer A. Thompson nigh delivered an sinful riposte in Japan, having burst her Achilles the late Dec.

On the endorse of but a handful of low-Key warm-up appearances, she was in grave palm arguing later on leash events on twenty-four hours matchless when she suffered a freshly wound to her calf, forcing her secession. 

Valcin (2R) helped transform the Briton's career but cannot commit to her day-to-day training

Valcin (2R) helped transform the Briton’s career merely cannot trust to her day-to-mean solar day training


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