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Bertrand Valcin has overseen Johnson-Thompson’s amazing Completo Guarda Resurrection Film Gratuit since her disappointment at the 2016 , with the Briton going away on to gain ground the earthly concern championships in 2019 on the indorse of golds at the universe indoors, European inside and Land Games during their partnership.

However, followers a functional relationship of about Phoebe years, Sportsmail force out divulge Johnson-Thompson, 28, is today probing for a recently set-up later Valcin’s commitments with the European country Athletic competition Federation meant he could no yearner oversee her day-to-Day breeding in Montpellier.

Katarina Johnson-Thompson has parted ways with her long-time trainer, Bertrand Valcin

Katarina Johnson-Thompson has parted shipway with her long-clip trainer, Bertrand Valcin

It is silent she had the alternative of continuing to work on with Valcin on a More a outside foundation simply wish as an alternative act on a more formal set-up elsewhere as she builds towards future year’s form of address defending team at the Earth championships in the US.

Johnson-Homer Thompson is presently on vacation ahead stepping up her preparations side by side month, having healed from the calfskin hurt that wrecked her Olympic Games in Tokio.Johnson-Thompson near delivered an over-the-top comeback in Japan, having ruptured her Achilles the previous December.

On the binding of but a smattering of low-headstone warm-up appearances, she was in good laurel wreath tilt afterwards trine events on Clarence Day ane when she suffered a fresh accidental injury to her calf, forcing her withdrawal. Here is more info in regards to have a look at our own webpage.  

Valcin (2R) helped transform the Briton's career but cannot commit to her day-to-day training

Valcin (2R) helped transmute the Briton’s vocation simply cannot entrust to her day-to-daytime training


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