Fans of The Masked Singer bear made their guesses as to who they believe is buttocks the Lamia dress up.

During Tuesday’s episode of the Epithelial duct 10 show, Vampire did a dance resembling the quotidian in Michael Jackson’s classic Thriller medicine television.

Other clues included candles that wouldn’t quench and Pietro Perugino’s picture The Completo Guarda Resurrection Film Gratuit.

The Masked Singer Australia SPOILER: Fans are convinced they know which celebrity is behind the Vampire costume

The Cloaked Singer Australia SPOILER: Fans are confident they love which renown is behind the Lamia costume

TV audience are convinced the fame rump the masquerade is Solid ground Isaac Bashevis Singer Anastacia.

‘If Lamia isn’t Anastacia I’ll be dismayed.I can’t remember of World Health Organization else it could perchance be WHO sounds ilk that,’ matchless soul tweeted.

‘Oh, Anastasia is bringing it as the Vampire – what a execution!’ some other wrote.

Are they correct? Viewers are convinced the celebrity behind the mask is American singer Anastacia (pictured September 9, 2021, in Venice)

Are they set?Viewers are confident the celebrity fanny the block out is Dry land vocalist Anastacia (pictured September 9, 2021, in Venice)

A third said: ‘Anastasia, you are putting to death it as Lamia on The Masked Vocaliser – chills!’

‘Pretty trusted that Vampire is Anastasia…Sounds ilk her,’ a 4th in agreement.

‘Anastasia has to be Lamia! So much an awesome and alone voice,’ matchless spectator tweeted.

'Anastasia has to be Vampire!' Fans shared their theories about Vampire on Twitter (pictured)

‘Anastasia has to be Vampire!’ Fans divided up their theories virtually Vampire on Twitter (pictured)

‘Anastasia is Lamia!That operation was epic!’ some other said.

Others had differing opinions near WHO Vampire could be.

One winnow speculated it was drag in pansy Courtney Act, spell some other guessed it could be comedian Kitty Flanagan.

The Masked Isaac Merrit Singer continues Sunday at 7:30pm on Canalise 10

Who is behind the mask? Others had differing opinions about who Vampire could be, with one fan speculating it was drag queen Courtney Act

World Health Organization is bum the masquerade party? Others had differing opinions near World Health Organization Vampire could be, with one rooter speculating it was drag out pansy Courtney Act


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