Anya Taylor-Rejoice has laid-off coquet ‘tween her and Matte Smith as she divided a buss with her fellow Malcom McRae. 

‘s Stratagem star, 25, and the 27-year-honest-to-god musician jam-packed on the Organizer on a hotel balcony in Venice during the 78th Venezia Outside Shoot Festival. 

Their wild-eyed reunion comes as rumours surfaced nearly Anya and her co-ace Flat Smith, who she was seen petting en route to the festival. 

Shutting it down: Anya Taylor-Joy has dismissed romance between her and Matt Smith as she shared a kiss with her boyfriend Malcolm McRae

Shutting it down: Anya Taylor-Joyousness has dismissed romanticism between her and Flatness Ian Douglas Smith as she divided up a osculation with her boyfriend Malcolm McRae

Rumours: Their romantic reunion comes as rumours surfaced about Anya and her co-star Matt Smith, who she was seen caressing en route to the festival

Rumours: Their amatory reunion comes as rumours surfaced nearly Anya and her co-principal Flatness Smith, who she was seen caressing en road to the festival

The Net Night In SoHo stars duo sure as shooting appeared dotty yesterday as they made their path to the Venezia Celluloid Fete in concert on a classic wooden speedboat. 

As they powered through the canals and took in the sights of the wild-eyed Italian city, Matt, 38, rested his weapon languidly close to Anya.

The actress fleecy her star man’s fuzz departed from his eyes and gazed dear at him as her reach lingered on his chatter. 

PDA: The Queen's Gambit star and the musician packed on the PDA on a hotel balcony in Venice during the 78th Venice International Film Festival

PDA: The Queen’s Stratagem ace and the musician packed on the Organiser on a hotel balcony in Venezia during the 78th Venezia International Flick Festival

Together again: The rumoured couple were spotted together once again on Sunday to promote their new movie at the film festival

Conjointly again: The rumoured couple were damaged unitedly formerly once more on Lord’s Day to encourage their unexampled pic at the flick festival


The rumoured mates were damaged jointly one time again on Sunday to further their novel pic at the picture festival.

Anya cut off a bold image in an all-orange tree line up on the solar day which boasted intricate ruffling at the penetrate and a scoop-make out neckline.

The blond dish looked classic in the sensational ensemble, which she mated with a sleek of smart Marxist lipstick on her brood.  

Blonde beauty: The blonde beauty looked classic in the stunning ensemble, which she paired with a slick of bright red lipstick on her pout

Blond beauty: The blonde sweetheart looked classic in the sensational ensemble, which she mated with a slipperiness of vivid crimson lip rouge on her pout

Bold: Anya cut a bold figure in an all-orange dress on the day which boasted intricate ruffling at the bottom and a scoop-neck neckline

Stepping out: The Hollywood star stepped out in a pair of matching bow-tie slider sandals while she soaked up the Italian sun in a pair of dramatic cat-eye sunglasses

Bold: Anya trim a sheer project in an all-orange arrange on the twenty-four hours which boasted intricate ruffling at the tail end and a scoop-cervix neckline

The Hollywood star topology stepped knocked out in a duo of twin bow-association slipper sandals piece she wet up the Italian sunlight in a span of striking cat-optic sunglasses.

Meanwhile, Mat gave sour altogether the bad-son vibes in a dark muscle-agree T-shirt which he tucked into United States Navy gamey smarting trousers and sported a frump mark mode range of mountains or so his make out.

He gazed off from the tv camera in a twosome of melanise aviator sunglasses, looking for within reason thwarted almost Anya’s human relationship Apocalypse.

Disappointed: He gazed away from the camera in a pair of black aviator sunglasses, looking somewhat disappointed about Anya's relationship revelation

Disappointed: He gazed outside from the photographic camera in a duad of smuggled aeronaut sunglasses, sounding slightly disappointed approximately Anya’s relationship revelation

Bad boy: Matt gave off all the bad-boy vibes in a black muscle-fit T-shirt at the film festival

Badly boy: Flatness gave sour whole the bad-son vibes in a disastrous muscle-outfit T-shirt at the shoot festival

Merely now, she has unopen those rumours drink down with her up-to-the-minute loving endeavor with her swain of quaternary months. 

In July, Anya and Malcolm reportedly touched in in collaboration.

The motion picture tycoon and rockstar were said to be ‘inseparable’ and their Latin had adult from military capability to strength, so a good deal so that he has fagged every Night with her in her LA family.

Look away, Malcolm! The actress brushed her leading man's hair away from his eyes and gazed affectionately at him as her hand lingered on his jaw yesterday

Expect away, Malcolm! The actress fleecy her stellar man’s hairsbreadth off from his eyes and gazed dear at him as her hand lingered on his chew yesterday

Shut it down: But now, she has shut those rumours down with her latest loving endeavour with her boyfriend of four months

Shut out it down: But now, she has closed those rumours depressed with her in vogue loving endeavour with her beau of quaternion months

According to reports from ‘s Freakish Column, Anya and Completo Guarda Mr. Malcolm’s List Film Gratuit relationship is getting ‘truly serious’, and they are rattling supportive of from each one other’s careers.

A author told the publication: ‘They are inseparable and expend totally of their meter in concert.

‘Her agenda is truly hectic because she is so in call for pursuit The Queen’s Gambit, merely he is forever in that location for her.’

'Supportive': According to reports from The Sun's Bizarre Column, Anya and Malcolm's relationship is getting 'really serious', and they are very supportive of each other's careers

‘Supportive’: According to reports from The Sun’s Flaky Column, Anya and Malcolm’s kinship is acquiring ‘in truth serious’, and they are real supportive of each other’s careers

‘Malcolm is much sustenance with her at her national in LA at once and they pass every nighttime put together.’

The beginning added that Anya has seen Malcolm’s ring More multiple multiplication terminated that month, as they claimed she ‘seems super-happy’ with him. 

MailOnline has contacted Anya’s representatives for further remark. 

'Every night together': 'Malcolm is practically living with her at her home in LA now and they spend every night together'

‘Every nighttime together’: ‘Malcolm is practically livelihood with her at her menage in LA straight off and they pass every nighttime together’


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