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The above equation represents the output voltage equation of a 3-bit binary weighted resistor 10M16DAF484I6G DAC. For the reason that variety of bits are three in the binary (digital) enter, we are going to get seven doable values of output voltage by varying the binary enter from 000 to 111 for a fixed reference voltage, $V_R$.

However it is drifting, or no less than that’s the best way it seems. Maybe it’s merely in want of lubrication and slightly cleansing. Or perhaps it is bounced off the ground one time too many in my early-morning fumbling to get dressed for work. Either way, all it took was this text to get me listening to the watch’s accuracy.

Someplace alongside the road, our ancestors decided that it was helpful to track measured models of time. It might have been a pre-Egyptian noble or scholar who first noticed the regular march of shadows on a sunny day, however sundials — the earliest timepieces — have been recovered from archeological sites courting again to 800 B.C. [supply: Gascoigne].


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