Within the 1940s, the University of Pennsylvania constructed the Electronic Numerical Integrator and Computer, higher referred to as ENIAC. It was one of the earliest digital, general-objective computers and it was a monster. It weighed in at around 30 tons (27.2 metric tons), with half one million hardwired connections and hundreds of vacuum tubes forming the circuits [source: Avery].

The frog muscles had been connected to either aspect of the tail and to the plastic spine of the robot and electrodes from the stimulator had been hooked up to them. The muscles on either side had been alternately stimulated to supply a swimming motion. The robotic fish was positioned in a tank of salt answer designed to maintain the muscles alive. The fish swam for four hours out of forty two with a velocity greater than seventy five percent of its most. The robot might swim ahead, backward, flip, and stop. This was a prototype of a biomechatronic system with a living actuator.

Satellite radio is an idea over a decade within the making. In 1992, the U.S. Federal Communications Fee (FCC) allotted a spectrum in the “S” band (2.Three GHz) for XC6SLX75-3CSG484C nationwide broadcasting of satellite-based Digital Audio Radio Service (DARS). Only four corporations utilized for a license to broadcast over that band. The FCC gave licenses to two of those corporations in 1997. CD Radio (later Sirius Satellite Radio) and American Mobile Radio (later XM Satellite tv for pc Radio) paid more than $80 million each to use space within the S-band for digital satellite transmission.


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