Aspirants applying for NIIT University undergraduate degree programmes have to have a valid test rating in any one among the following entrance checks NU Aptitude Check/ JEE most important/ BITSAT/ SAT/ NEET/ Any State Engineering Entrance Examination to be eligible for admission. Whereas for admission to PG in administration programme is given based on the NU Management Aptitude Check only. Know more in regards to the entrance exams accepted by NIIT College for the UG and PG admissions in the tables under.

Who’s the test for? LPNs

What’s the format? 5 sections of multiple-choice questions

What number of questions are there? 225 questions damaged into the categories of vocabulary, math, analytical reasoning, spelling, natural science (chemistry, biology, and physics), judgement on sensible nursing situations, and 技術士二次試験 the Vocational Adjustment Index

How long does the take a look at take? 2 1/2 hours

What’s a passing rating? Acceptable scores are decided by every school. You’ll receive a raw rating and a percentile rank.

How a lot does it value? Sometimes $25

What’s one of the best ways to organize? On the PSB web site, discover pattern questions you can use to assist examine. Mometrix Check Preparation also gives a comprehensive examine guide.

PSB Registered Nursing College Aptitude Exam

– Photocopy of PSA Delivery Certificate

– Unique/Certified True Copy and photocopy of ANY of the next: – Senior High school Type 137 or 138 (with title and grades) –

– Latest Grade in High school in presently in Grade 12

– Certificate of Grades from final semester attended (for college students)

– 2 x 2 Image with white background

– Legitimate ID (ideally college/driver’s license

– At least 2 pencils (No. 2)

Q. In a faculty, 40% of the students are female and thus the no of boys exceeds the no of girls by 40. Find the entire no of scholars.





Reply C) 200

Rationalization :

60x -40x = forty

X = 40/20 = 2

100*2 = 200


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