Torobo, short for Todai Robot Mission, has been trying to cross the University of Tokyo entrance examination since its first try in 2013, stories Computer Watch. It is getting smarter, but the robotic is not quite there yet, so it will not be giving out orders to its human underlings, or incomes a degree, any time quickly.

The CE syllabus is published by the Independent Faculties Examination Board and overseen by members of the three associations which characterize the leading impartial faculties in the UK: 技術士二次試験 The Headmasters’ and Headmistresses’ Conference (HMC), The Girls’ Faculty Association (GSA) and the Independent Association of Prep Faculties (IAPS). Exams are set by independent faculty teachers.

If you are making ready for 2 or extra exams, then find the frequent subjects/topics between the exam syllabuses. See, for the books that can be utilized for both purposes. This may lessen your workload as properly because the time for preparation. And most importantly that would save you money too. Buy those books which have an excellent repute and are highly common among the candidates who are vying for a similar job. Session with experienced guys who have already succeeded could also be of nice assist in this regard.

13+ Maths Section A (King’s Faculty College Wimbledon Pre-test 2019)

Maths Section B (King’s School School Wimbledon Pre-check 2019)

13+ Maths (Merchant Taylors 2017)

Maths (Notting Hill & Ealing High school 2017)

13+ Maths (Oundle School 1 2009)

Maths (Oundle School 1 2010)

13+ Maths (Oundle College 2 2008)

Maths (Oundle School 2 2009)

13+ Maths (Oundle College 2A 2010)

Maths (Oundle Faculty 2A 2011)

13+ Maths (Reigate Grammar College 2010)

Maths (Shrewsbury 2014)

13+ Maths (Shrewsbury Sept 2013)

Maths (St Edward’s 2016)

13+ Maths (St Edward’s Scholarship Paper 1 2016)

Maths (St Edward’s Scholarship Paper 2 2016)

13+ Maths (St Edward’s Scholarship Paper 1 2015)

Maths (St Edward’s Scholarship Paper 2 2015)

13+ Maths (St Edward’s Scholarship Paper 1 2014)

Maths (St Edward’s Scholarship Paper 2 2014)


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