Each results have been measured with unprecedented precision. This was accomplished by pointing the gyroscopes at a single star while orbiting Earth in a polar orbit. As predicted by relativity concept, the gyroscopes skilled very small, but measureable, adjustments within the direction of their spin caused by the pull of Earth’s gravity.

The solution is sort of simple. By understanding the Spherical In and 相対性理論 終焉 Out Wave structure of Matter (SSWs) we deduce that any change in velocity of the In-Waves (Precept Two) causes a change in the place the In-Waves meet at their Wave-Centers which we observe because the accelerated Movement of the particle. This is why acceleration exists and is outlined as a change in velocity – because it is brought on by a change in velocity of the In-Waves!This variation in the velocity of waves in House depends upon the mass-vitality density of space (for Gravitational Mass), and is the true bodily cause of General Relativity and Albert Einstein’s gravitational fields, thus explaining Albert Einstein’s remark that;

Cosmologist Edward Harrison spanned all of recorded philosophy in “Masks of the Universe” and then adopted the Spinoza-Einstein view. He wrote that his ideas come from “agnostic soil,” although he has a Protestant background. He encapsulated the modern religious dilemma: “Rejection of the opportunity of a God-Universe or UniGod maybe explains why we find ourselves in determined need of proof of God’s existence.


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