Gellets® are small, colourful water-hydrated balls that pop on contact and instantly start to disintegrate, leaving no stain, no mess, and no clean-up. Pre-soak your ammo and use the included cable to charge up your weapon and in a couple of hours or less you may be battling your frenemies, and unleashing your environmentally friendly ammo upon your targets. Additionally the tons of hours that we now have spent to recruit wonderful Event Coordinators, create, and perfect our video games make a Gel Blaster Battle Party experience with AirballingLA a premier experience.

gel blaster pistol with drum mag Blaster SURGE. Experience the Next Evolution of Fun. The Gel Blaster SURGE shoots biodegradable, non-toxic, water based mostly Gellets™ with simply enough sting to make it exciting. Gellets™ explode on contact and instantly begin to evaporate, leaving no mess and no clean up. Nerf is debuting on Tuesday a brand new sort of ammo that — in distinction to the toy-maker’s famous foam darts — would not require any picking up. The new Nerf Pro Gelfire Mythic Full Auto Blaster fires out Nerf’s new gel-based hydro rounds and might shoot them at a price of 10 per second. For group events and particular events, we are able to present off-hours play – justcall us and we’ll do our best to accommodate your needs.

It seems like getting shot with a rubber band but children will hardly discover it due to the sheer enjoyable they will have. Receive our newest updates about our products and promotions. Experience hours of fun and epic yard battles with the Gel Blaster Starfire! Completely Mess-free, Eco Friendly, and Fully Customizable. Rental of 1 blaster per player, full face mask and 20,000 rounds for the group.


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