Fed-up California assemblyman Rudy Salas, a Democrat, introduced a bill that would lower the amount a suspect can steal before facing a felony to $400, which was the original threshold before Proposition 47 passed.

Two or more people who conspire to ‘cheat and defraud any person or any property, by any means which are in themselves criminal’ can face only one year in a county prison, a fine of $10k or a combination of th two.

Kelvin Murray, buy do-follow backlinks a researcher at Opentext, says: ‘We expect growth in illegal streaming over the coming days and weeks – with new subscription service shows and paid-for sports events enticing many towards dodgy websites.

Starlink Maritime is available and the company is targeting the owners of superyachts, oil rigs and merchant vessels as potential customers.

The service has an upfront hardware fee of $10,000 for two ‘ruggedized’ Starlink dishes and regular costs will run $5,000 per month.

Scott Kohn, 68, of Newport, California, was indicted in 2019 for the fraudulent scheme which he used to fund an opulent lifestyle from a $4.8million mansion boasting sweeping views of the Paci

The conman was charged with conspiracy to commit wire fraud and mail fraud alongside co-conspirators Kraig Aiken, David Kenneally and Joseph Hipp over his scheme to scam vets with loans secured against their pensions that had astronomical interes

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