In 2011 former PM David Cameron got into hot water while on holiday in Italy after paying for two coffees which came to 3.10 Euro with a 50 Euro note and failing to leave any small change as a gratuity.

The Best Places to Buy Dofollow Backlinks - Sams MaintenanceThe dinner came just hours after he had met local Karystos mayor Lefteris Raviolos, dressed in the same T shirt, where the two had discussed local issues – as well as raising the subject of the Elgin Marbles which Greece has asked the UK to return.

‘He came into the kitchen where he spoke with two Ukrainian staff I have, Zak and Katya, and he told them it was important that Britain and the rest of Europe supported Ukraine in the fight against Russia.

Find the option labeled something along the lines of Add icon to Home Screen or Add new apps to Home Screen and turn it off.  If you don’t want that, there’s a simple way out of this: Long-press on an empty area of your home screen and tap Settings.

Vanessa Bryant alleges she has suffered emotional distress because personnel from the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department and firefighters took pictures of the scene which they later shared, including at a bar, with friends and other first r

A vintage revival has hit both sides of the Atlantic, with the rising cost of living and retro clothing trends on social media potential factors encouraging consumers to turn to second-hand shops and dig out old clothes.

Keep your home screen free of clutter Planning to hit up the Google Play Store for a bunch of new Android apps? Be prepared for a lot of icon clutter on your home screen, which is where shortcuts land every time you install something.

Mr Johnson is allowed to take away any furnishings he paid for himself as part of a controversial revamp of his official residence and he and Carrie are said to be house hunting in the south east London suburb of Dulwich.

Isabelle’s parents, Angela Boyd Burch and Edward Burch, were clearing out a family property in their home town of Eastman, Georgia in the United States when they came across several boxes stored in a corner of the attic.

Isabelle said the items have attracted attention when she wore them outside the house: ‘Every time I wear them I always get backlinks tons of compliments because they are definitely unique pieces that not everyone has.

The free ‘My EE’ app also allows customers to control how their children use their phones, giving them ‘total peace of mind – with the ability to apply caps and controls so there’s no unexpected bills’.

Labour has accused Mr Johnson of ‘laughing’ at people back home who are struggling with a huge cost-of-living crunch, branding him a ‘lame duck’ with just weeks until he is replaced by either Liz Truss or Rishi Sunak.

Kelvin Murray, a researcher at Opentext, says: ‘We expect growth in illegal streaming over the coming days and weeks – with new subscription service shows and paid-for sports events enticing many towards dodgy websites.

In this guide we’ll go through seven settings that can get you better overall performance out of your Android smartphone, whether you’re looking to improve your battery life, clean up the clutter on your home screen or get rid of annoying bugs.

Dark mode is your friend Another way to improve battery life while also helping save your eyes is to use Android’s dedicated dark mode. Any Android phone running Android 10 or newer will have a dedicated dark mode option. 

A biography of Mrs Johnson by Lord Ashcroft, former Tory Party deputy chairman, fanned concerns within the party earlier this year about the power wielded by Carrie and the No 10 advisers she is close to – with Mr Newman the name most frequently mentioned.

They were taken back to Britain by Lord Elgin in the early 19th century and are currently in the British Museum but they have been hotly disputed ever since with the Greek government repeatedly demanding their return.

The Johnson family have been staying in a villa nearby and have been spotted all week at various beaches and restaurants along the coast which is just a couple of hours drive from where the PM’s father Stanley has a house at Horto.

Note that not all Android devices are the same, and phone manufacturers often put their own software on top of Android, so just be aware that certain settings may be missing or in a different place depending on the version of Android you’re running and the maker of your phone.

Agalma owner Alexandros Fragos told MailOnline:’ I knew Boris and his family were staying in the area as it has been the talk of the village all week and on Thursday we got a call saying he was coming for dinner.

You can still add shortcuts by dragging an app’s icon out of the app drawer, but they won’t appear on your home screen unless you want them to. No more icons on the home screen when you install new apps.

Sharon Meadows, EE’s Director of Propositions, said: ‘It’s clear that keeping families connected is key to household harmony and we’re proud to offer our customers industry-leading tools and features as part of our mobile plans to help.

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