In early 2020, “Kublai P1”, a gas-powered version modelled after the Glock pistol, began to appear […]
I sit up for the day that Hasbro has management in place that gets Nerf back […]
It’s what modders have been doing for many years, and it actually, really works. Please be […]
Add water to hydrate the rounds and release them at a high velocity, allowing the rounds […]
It looks like getting shot with a rubber band but youngsters will hardly discover it because […]
An underated blaster, heavy however well balanced, shoots almost as properly as an M97 . I […]
In March 2020, a gel blaster version of the M203 grenade launcher was launched to the […]
Pellets so small you can match 800 of them into this blaster, and so low cost […]
An underated blaster, heavy but properly balanced, shoots nearly as properly as an M97 . I […]
Golf vary, mini golf, par three course, golf simulator, classes, clinics, instruction, special events, birthday events, […]
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